Education Partners

SureCash provides a complete payment platform for colleges/schools. Using this platform, an institute can automatically receive academic and supplementary fees from students or their parents. Institute benefits:

SureCash education payment system is available for all schools, colleges, institutes and universities in Bangladesh at no cost. All an educational institute has to do is upload the list of students, configure fee rates and rules using a web portal. Automated reception of fees using mobile banking reduces hassle and insecurity of dealing with cash and saves time. An institute receives the collected fees directly into its bank account.


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Eden mohila college with SureCash

Municipalities and Utilities

Municipality and utility service providers can collect payments from their customers using SureCash mobile banking. Organizations are provided with free customized software catered to their nature of operation. Benefits:

Municipal partners


Anytime and from anywhere, SureCash provides a flexible payment collection system for businesses and institutions. Thus making it easier for the businesses and institutions to collect money from their customers. Having a simple, secure and instant payment mechanism helps businesses to increase sale of products and services, reduce loss-of-payments and enhance customer satisfaction. SureCash payment system is available for any business at no cost. All an institution has to do is only register for the service and SureCash does the rest. SureCash payment system enables a business to receive payments instantly into a bank account. Benefits:

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SureCash enables banks to provide mobile banking, mobile payments and agent banking services to their customers. SureCash provides software platform and country-wide retail agent network to achieve the following business benefits:

Benefit for Banks
rupali bank with SureCash


Seven microfinance institutions, currently are partnered with SureCash. SureCash mobile financial service offers NGOs: