Grameen Bank SureCash Agreement Signing

25 April 2016, 

Grameen Bank (GB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to use SureCash mobile payment platform for its operation. Under this MoU, GB members will use SureCash mobile banking to receive loans, make installment payments and save money using their own phones on a pilot basis. GM (Audit) Mahbubur Rahman of Grameen Bank and CEO Dr. Shahadat Khan of SureCash signed the MoU in presence of Acting Managing Director Mr. Ratan Kumar Nag, GM (Central Accounts Department) Babul Saha of Grameen Bank and CBO Md. Abu Taleb of SureCash along with other high officials of the organizations.

In the signing ceremony Mr. Ratan Kumar Nag said, “Grameen Bank always welcomes new technology. By introducing mobile banking service, Grameen Bank and SureCash will bring a new dimension in microfinance movement globally. This will make payments easier and safer for our members, and will reduce risk of carrying cash for our employees.”

Grameen Bank (GB) is a Nobel Prize winning microfinance organization committed to the cause of poverty alleviation since 1976. GB currently serves more than 8.8 million members through 2,568 branches around the country.