bdjobs & ajkerdeal & have signed an agreement with SureCash to enable their customers to make payments using SureCash mobile payment platform. Recently this agreement has been signed in a renowned restaurant at Dhaka city in presence of apex body of bdjobs, ajkerdeal and SureCash. Now customers of bdjobs can make payment for training, job posting along with other payment using SureCash. Ajkerdeal customers can also shop from online and make their payment through SureCash easily. For references, bdjobs is country’s leading online employment marketplace and ajkerdeal is one of the best e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.

Bdjobs & ajkerdeal CEO & Chairman A K M Fahim Masroor and SureCash CEO Dr. Shahadat Khan have signed two agreements on behalf of the company respectively. bdjobs & ajkerdeal CTO Rony Mondal, Progoti Systems Ltd Chairman Faizullah Khan, CBO Md. Abu Taleb along with other high officials were also attended the signing ceremony.

CEO & Chairman of bdjobs & ajkerdeal said that “SureCash is an open payment platform in mobile payment. Easy integration and customization of SureCash inspired us to adopt this payment platform for bdjobs & ajkerdeal customers. We are confident that by using SureCash we can provide one step ahead service to our customers.

Chief Executive Officer of SureCash Dr. Shahadat Khan said, “E-commerce is growing fast in Bangladesh. Being an open mobile payment platform, SureCash can provide customized online payment solutions. SureCash payment platform software is completely developed for Bangladesh, by young software engineers of the country. SureCash wants to ensure that people from every corner of Bangladesh can access to banking services through mobile payment platform.”

SureCash is a complete mobile banking and payment platform, currently operating with 5 banks in Bangladesh. Using this platform, a customer can send money all over the country, make various payments such as education fees, utility bills, and online purchases, recharge mobile balance and receive personal remittances.