Dr. Shahadat Khan is the CEO of Progoti Systems, a Mobile Banking Service Provider company in Bangladesh specializing in mobile financial services and software development.  Progoti Systems has deployed the SureCash mobile financial services network in Bangladesh that offers mobile banking and payment products in participation of multiple banks, mobile operators, NGOs, merchants/retailers, and other business and government payment partners. Dr. Khan has more than 23 years of experience including university teaching, research and development, software engineering, product marketing, technology consulting, and building IT-based solutions for social development.  Before founding Progoti Systems, he was the CTO at Eyeball Networks, Canada.

Shahadat Khan is a Canadian Commonwealth Scholar, and received his Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from University of Victoria, Canada.   He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and panels, holds 15 patents, and has published numerous articles in journals and technical magazines.  He has traveled more than 30 countries, and is a hobbyist photographer.